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Číslo 4, ročník XI, podzim 2009 / Part 4, Volume XI, autumn 2009 / ISSN 1212-7817
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Table of Contents



Hana Hurtíková. The Influence of Spin Doctoring on the Formation of Public Opinion: The United Kingdom and the Iraq Issue in 2003 ... 244
Aneta Valterová. Pluralism and Corporatism: The Usability of Classical Models of Interest Politics as a Theoretical Framework for Empirical Research ... 267


Jan Záhořík. The International Impact of Oil Extraction in Africa ... 284
Jan Kouřil, Michal Pink. The Electoral Base of Spanish Parties in Parliamentary and Regional Elections ... 307


Mats Braun, Steven Saxonberg. More Does Not Always Mean Better. Reply to the Article "By Whom and Where the Czech Political Science Is Produced" ... 329
Jan Holzer, Roman Chytilek, Pavel Pšeja, Michal Šindelář. On the Rules of Polemics, Political Science and A Priori Schemes... 338


Sethi, Harsh (ed.): State of Democracy in South Asia. A Report by the CDSA Team. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2008, 302 pages, ISBN: 0195689372. (VIKTÓRIA BABICOVÁ) ... 343
Lewis, David – Kanji, Nazneen: Non-Governmental Organizations and Development. London: Routledge, 2009, 256 pages, ISBN 978-0-41545430-8. (MONIKA MEISLOVÁ) ... 349

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