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Nedemokratičtí aktéři

Uwe Backes. Meaning and Forms of Political Extremism in Past and Present.........242
Jean-Yves Camus. The European Extreme Right and Religious Extremism ........... 263
Lubomír Kopeček. The Far Right in Europe. A summary of attempts to define the concept, analyze its identity, and compare the Western European and Central European far right ......... 280
Miroslav Mareš. Extreme Left Terrorism in Contemporary Europe: from “Communist Combatant Parties” to Militant Campaigns? .......... 294


Zdeněk Janík. From Disruptive Action to Political Lobbying: Causes and Consequences of the Institutionalization of Forms of Contention in a Protest Campaign ......... 315
Martina Miklová. Transformations of Opposition and Dissent in Prague and Brno in the Era of “the Normalization Regime”: Resistance to the Communist Regime between 1969 and 1989 ......... 333


Booker, Christopher – North, Richard: Skryté dějiny evropské integrace od roku 1918 do současnosti. Brno: Barrister & Principal, 2006, 624 stran, ISBN 80-7364-026-0 (DAN MAREK) ......... 347
Griffin, Roger – Loh, Werner – Umland, Andreas (eds.): Fascism Past and Present, West and East. An International Debate on Concepts and Cases in the Comparative Study of the Extreme Right. With an Afterword by Walter Laqueur, Stuttgart: Ibidem-Verlag, 2006, 520 pages, ISBN 3898216748 (MIROSLAV MAREŠ) .......... 351

4 / IX / podzim 2007 / autumn 2007Obsah / Table of contentsTisk / PrintDownload

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