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Profile of the author in czech Magdalena Agnieszka Zolkos

Ph.D. candidate, Institute of Political Science, Copenhagen University

Magdalena Agnieszka Zolkos

Fields of Research Interest

  • Human Rights
  • Post-communist Democratization
  • East European Dissidence
  • Civic-Republican Tradition

Graduated from

    M.A., Scandinavian Studies, Gdansk University (1995-2001)

Academic Background and Professional Record

  • Visiting Honorary Research Associate in the Centre for Russian and East European Studies, the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (03/2004-08/2004)
  • Marie Curie Fellowship at the Department of Politics and International Relations, the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom (09/2004-02/2004)
  • Young Researcher in the project The Baltic Sea Area Studies: Northern Dimension of Europe, Institute of Political Science, Copenhagen University (06/2001-12/2001)
  • Visiting Researcher at Institute of the Political Science, Oslo University / Holder of the Scholarship of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (09/2000-11/2000)

Major Publications

  • Zolkos, Magdalena, Catherine-F. Gicquel, and Victor Makarov, eds., The Challenge of Mobility in the Baltic Sea Region, Berlin: Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag, 2004.
  • ‘Human Rights, Post-Communism and the ‘New Europe’: How Human Rights Matter in Democracies’, In: Ulla Björneberg, ed., Whither Europe? Human Rights, Vol. 3, Göteborg: Centre for European Research (CERGU), Göteborg University Press, 2003.
  • ‘What the Pre-modern Can Tell Us: Jacques Maritian on the Rights on Men’, In: The Nordic Journal of Human Rights, No. 4, December, 2003.
  • ‘Norden discourse on Human Rights and Democracy; the Effects of ‘Europeanization’’, Working-paper 06/2003, Copenhagen: Institute of Political Science, Copenhagen University, 2003, .
  • ‘New Members in the European Community of Values? European Union’s Human Rights Policy towards the Accession Countries, the case of Poland’, BaltSeaNet Working-paper, Berlin and Gdansk: Gdansk University Press, Vol.6, 2002, .

    ISSN 1212-7817

Recenzovaný on-line časopis
vydává Mezinárodní politologický
ústav Fakulty sociálních studií, Masarykova univerzita

A peer-reviewed on-line journal
issued by the International Institute
of Political Science of the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University

    Ročník XVII / Volume XVII (2015)
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    Partneři / Partnership

    Zazařeno v databázích / Abstracting and indexing